New Idea for a Dutch Business - Total Surprise!

So I'm going to share my idea here to get some feedback- what do you guys think of a service that plans your night out for you as a complete surprise? It would be called Total Surprise or something along those lines where you tell a Surprise consultant your likes and dislikes (quiet night, a raging party night) in a form and they plan the entire night according to your preferences. This would be done by an Amsterdam local that knows all of the secret parties, cool scenes, delicious eateries and invite only events.

     photo from Pexels 

You would receive an envelope at the beginning of the night as to where your night starts and the rest unfolds as the night progresses. This idea came from's concept of a surprise trip with flights and accomodation, but instead of an entire trip, its a surprise night out.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone want to work with me to develop further? Send me a message and let's chat!


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